TJ Warren Named Potential Free Agency Target For Miami Heat

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The Miami Heat could need to work some magic this NBA offseason when it comes to their roster. There is a chance that they need to fill multiple rotation spots as key players may be hitting the open market.

The biggest wild card of the bunch is Victor Oladipo. It is anyone’s guess what kind of contract he will land after playing only 96 regular-season games in the last four seasons. But, he looked good at the end of the regular season and has carved out a role in Miami’s playoff rotation.

Caleb Martin is a restricted free agent, while Markieff Morris is unrestricted after dealing with a neck injury virtually the entire season. P.J. Tucker could throw a wrench in things if he decides to decline his player option to test the market.

Miami’s front office is among the best in the business, so they will have an avenue to unlock the bigger mid-level exception should they need it. Right now, they know they have at least the mini-mid level exception at their disposal, and figuring out who to use that on will largely depend on what happens with their free agents.

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One player that could help overcome any of the aforementioned possible defections is TJ Warren. Warren could see what the Miami Heat did for Oladipo after all his injury issues and decide that he wants them to help him as well.

TJ Warren will have gone essentially two years without playing in an NBA game once the 2022-23 season rolls around. After exploding in the Orlando Bubble in 2020, Warren has played in only four games because of a stress fracture in his foot.

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His market will be robust with contending teams despite the long layoff. His skill set is exactly what teams are looking for as a versatile forward. He can knock down 3-pointers, create offense attacking the basket, and is a vastly improved defender.

Miami would love to add that kind of impact player to their rotation. Even if they can retain most of their free agents, Warren, when healthy, presents a sizable upgrade over someone such as Duncan Robinson given the two-way play he provides and that he will cost a fraction of the price.

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The Miami Heat will have to get creative convincing TJ Warren that South Beach is the place for him as he will be receiving similar offers from multiple teams. But, that is an area that Pat Riley and company excel at. If there is a player they want, they more often than not land that player.