1 Bold Trade Idea To Send Damian Lillard To Denver Nuggets

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Making the Case: Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets saw on multiple occasions what it is like to not have a legitimate point guard the top of the offense. The bright side is that when Murray comes back, he has the versatility to play multiple positions if Denver brings in another star.

If Damian Lillard was ever sent to the Nuggets, this could create one of the best big threes in the league. He continues to be an elite talent that can get it done at all three levels.

Lillard is used to playing with another talent in the backcourt. He would be able to take over at point guard while Murray plays the two-guard. These two would be interchangeable because they bring great versatility as scorers.

When looking at Denver’s lineup, it is ready to win right away and Lillard could add to that. With Nikola Jokic down low, Denver’s offense is already difficult to guard. Having to defend Lillard well beyond the three-point line would open up more space for Jokic to dominate.

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This is a Nuggets team that has been near the top of the Western Conference for years now. They have been unable to get to the next level, this year dealing with injuries. If Lillard is acquired, it would be hard to imagine that they would not be one of the top three teams once again.