This 76ers-Bulls Trade Pairs Zach LaVine, Joel Embiid

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Would This Trade Make Sense For The Chicago Bulls?

Any sign-and-trade return is a positive – you’re getting assets back for a player who could leave for nothing. This deal, should Zach LaVine wish to walk this offseason, would be above and beyond for the Chicago Bulls.

Chicago is close to Finals contention – they sat at the top of the East standings for a period earlier this season. Losing LaVine would hurt, definitely. However, adding Harris in his place gives the team a replacement 20.0 points per game scorer. With the addition of Thybulle in the deal as well, Chicago could play the most suffocating defensive backcourt in the league in Thybulle and Alex Caruso.

Thybulle’s offensive struggles are very real, to the point of near-unplayability. However, as a throw-in to this deal, his potential makes him a worthwhile addition to Chicago. His defense is among the best in the league, and if he can show signs of life on offense, he’d become a valuable playoff contributor.

Aside from Thybulle and Harris, who would help in the immediate future, Chicago would add three first-round picks in this deal.

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Chicago would simultaneously have a contention-level roster while owning two first-round selections. They could continue adding cheap talent via the draft or use the selections as trade pieces to add further win-now talent.

This deal hinges on Zach LaVine – he’s the free agent, and he decides where he goes. Should he decide to leave Chicago, though, the Bulls would be wise to negotiate a savvy deal like this to garner a return.