This Nets-Pistons Trade Sends Ben Simmons To Detroit

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Making the Case: Detroit Pistons

At this point, the Detroit Pistons know what direction they are taking moving forward. Grant did not fit the bill, which is why he has been featured in many trade rumors.

Now, the Pistons need to figure out if Ben Simmons is a big-name player that they want to target. He has caused problems for two teams now in two years. He has not stepped on the floor for the Nets could be a problem, but there will not be as much pressure in Detroit as there is in Brooklyn.

Unlike the Nets, the Pistons are a rebuilding team looking to be shaped differently. Many young talents in Detroit have a chance to blossom into stars. The backcourt is strong for Detroit, which means that Simmons will be able to play off the ball. He is not going to come in and be an offensive juggernaut.

Simmons could use this as a chance to rejuvenate his career a bit on a team where there is no pressure. He would be able to return to the court at his own pace and take on a role down low with a young team looking for a leader.

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The Pistons will need a plan if they want to take on a player like Simmons. He is not the type of player that can just plug into any scheme. This is the case for all teams that might be looking for a deal.