This Nets-Pistons Trade Sends Ben Simmons To Detroit

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Making the Case: Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets should be viewed as one of the ultimate win-now teams in the league. It has been the case since Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant came to town, but the franchise has been unable to find any consistency.

This is because of off-the-court issues or injuries. Brooklyn needs to turn things around. Simmons does not seem like one of the pieces that can help.

If the front office wants to make a statement, they should look for another blockbuster deal involving Simmons. The initial deal with Philadelphia was a no-brainer because Harden was not contributing to Brooklyn. He was nursing a hamstring injury and taking his time getting back on the floor.

In this deal, Brooklyn would be able to turn Simmons into reliable veteran players. Grant is one of the true 3-and-D players in the league and has shown that he can be a valuable offensive weapon.

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During his time in Detroit, Grant averaged 20.1 points per contest. The Nets would not need him to put up these kinds of numbers, but it helps to know that he has that ability.

Grant will likely get an extension if the Nets could get a team-friendly deal for a player looking to contribute to a contender. This is a valuable deal because they would be able to get depth pieces for the players’ future remains unknown.