2022 NBA Draft: 3 Ideal Landing Spots For TyTy Washington Jr.

TyTy Washington Jr., 2022 NBA Draft
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Kentucky’s TyTy Washington Jr is one of the best guard prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft. Projected to go mid-first round, Washington Jr is adept at creating shots for himself and his teammates, despite his small stature.

At his absolute best, Washington Jr could turn into a point guard in the mold of Chris Paul, dissecting defenses with ease. Washington Jr shows elite creativity and can stop-and-start at a moment’s notice.

Washington Jr’s three-point shooting will need to improve for him to reach elite status in the NBA. He will likely also need to add some finishing creativity at the rim.

For now, though, Washington Jr boasts incredible mid-range scoring and passing potential.

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Though he may not be a breakout star immediately, his destination could greatly impact how his NBA career plays out.

Let’s look at the top three destinations for Kentucky guard TyTy Washington Jr.