Best & Worst Landing Spots For Chet Holmgren In 2022 NBA Draft

Chet Holmgren, NBA Draft
NBA Analysis Network

Chet Holmgren is one of the most polarizing players in recent NBA Draft history. Most analysts believe that his unique blend of size and skill tags him with a towering potential that outweighs any possible concern and gives him the loftiest ceiling of all the prospects available in 2022.

That’s why despite the significant pushback he’s had under scrutiny, he still tops ESPN’s big board over Duke’s Paolo Banchero and Auburn’s Jabari Smith Jr.

And yet there’s a significant number of both pundits and fans that want nothing to do with him. Even with his length, versatility, and offensive touch, many believe that his build is just too precarious to hold up against NBA strength and physicality. They surmise that Holmgren is an injury waiting to happen, despite his crystal clear medical history.

While it’s a little ridiculous to scrub him off big boards completely simply due to his unusual body, his frame is something that teams will have to consider and strategize around if they plan on selecting him.

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With such a unique build and skill set, he’s the type of player that could boom or bust depending on where he begins his career. He’s not a plug-and-play prospect nor one that any team could deploy and expect success.

With that being said, here are some of the best and worst landing spots for the Gonzaga big man.