5 Early Sleeper NBA Free Agency Targets Contenders Should Monitor

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One could argue that the first round of the NBA playoffs is not the right time to think about free agency. Contending teams need to find out what they’re missing before they think about what they might add, right?

Wrong. NBA general managers are always aiming to be a step ahead of the competition. Rest assured, they’re already thinking of ways to improve their teams, no matter what their present championship odds may be.

We figured there was no reason for us not to take the same approach.

The names in this article aren’t marquee. They’re not the superstars that pack arenas. Instead, they’re the types of names those superstars need to win.

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They’re glue guys and connective pieces. They could also put a contender over the top as the last missing piece in their championship puzzle.

Here are 5 early sleeper NBA free agency targets contenders should monitor.