3 Potential Buyout Options For Los Angeles Lakers To Monitor

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Entering the 2021-22 NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers were being held on a pedestal higher than everyone else in the league and many were already claiming that they were the team to beat this season.

Well, the Lakers are 56 games through the season and they have been the team to beat… 30 different times so far! 

The Lakers currently find themselves 26-30 on the season and on the verge of being out of the playoff picture in the Western Conference entirely. 

Just 3.5 games in front of the New Orleans Pelicans for the 9-seed in the conference, the Lakers are expected to make some kind of a needed change at the trade deadline, but Los Angeles ended up with absolutely nothing. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & BUYOUT RUMORS: Lakers Make No Trade At Deadline; Outlook On Buyout Market

Failing to make a move at the trade deadline, the Lakers are still stuck with their old, struggling roster and things are not looking good for this team’s chances of success the rest of the year. 

Of their remaining 26 games this season, 16 of them are against teams with a winning record, which the Lakers do not have, and they will have to play both the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors twice. 

There is certainly a chance that the Lakers could get hot with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook taking over and simply playing 3-and-5 given how talented they are, but things just look very bleak for a team that was expected to hold the best record in the league this season. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & BUYOUT RUMORS: Lakers Make No Trade At Deadline; Outlook On Buyout Market

The buyout market is the last chance for the Lakers to add talent to their roster this season, but it is hard to imagine that adding more veteran, unwanted players to their roster will solve things.

Nonetheless, here are three potential buyout options that the Los Angeles Lakers could very well pursue to try and at least salvage what has been a mess of a season. 

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