This Lakers-Pelicans Trade Features Josh Hart To L.A.

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The New Orleans Pelicans started the 2021-22 NBA season 3-16. Not exactly ideal for a young, up-and-coming team hoping to improve every season. Since then, however, they’ve been playing some solid basketball, now sitting at 16-28.

Zion Williamson hasn’t touched the court this season, and while that definitely affects the ceiling of the Pelicans, they should still be better than they are right now.

Plus, there’s no real timetable on Williamson’s return to the court.

With how poorly they’ve played, maybe the Pelicans should start to think about the future rather than the now. Maybe adding younger players that would be able to grow and thrive with Williamson should be a priority for New Orleans.

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The opposite can be said about the Los Angeles Lakers. With LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook on the roster, their timeline is now. They want to win this season, next season, and every season until that big three can’t play anymore.

Keeping that in mind, is there a trade that could be done between two teams? What sort of deal could they complete that would help both sides? Why would the Lakers be interested? What about the Pelicans?