This Kings-Sixers Trade Features Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris

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As the Ben Simmons saga drags on, the Philadelphia 76ers have continued to hold their ground. Daryl Morey is looking for an NBA All-Star-caliber player in return for Simmons, and thus far, is refusing to drop his price in the slightest.

The latest buzz from that story is that the Sixers are now trying to get rid of Tobias Harris as well. While most teams don’t have the ability to take on two contracts worth upwards of $70 million total, there have been some rumors saying that one team could be interested.

The Sacramento Kings have been surrounded by trade rumors as of late.

From Marvin Bagley III to De’Aaron Fox to Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes, with how poorly the Kings have performed this year, it feels as though everybody on the roster could be up for grabs.

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Well, the Kings reportedly would be willing to take on Harris’ contract as the third team in a Simmons trade. However, if they are willing to take on Harris’ contract, why not just make it one big trade and also bring Simmons to Sactown in the deal?

That would certainly be a crazy trade with a lot of moving pieces, but what would it look like? How could the Kings get both Simmons and Harris in a trade? Why should they want to, and also, why would the Sixers want to make a deal like that?