This Lakers-Rockets Trade Features Eric Gordon To L.A.

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The Los Angeles Lakers need help. No, the answer is not more star power, as that narrative clearly hasn’t worked out in favor of them this NBA season. And to be honest, it’s hard to tell what the answer actually is. They just need more quality players on the roster.

When the Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook this offseason, they did so instead of dealing for Buddy Hield – a move that has come back to bite them.

Most would argue that if they had Hield on the team instead of Westbrook, then they’d probably be in a better place.

Too many ball-dominant players on one roster clearly hasn’t panned out. So instead, the Lakers need to get players that can shoot, defend, and play off the ball. If a role player can do one or more of those three things, then they should be a trade target of the Lakers.

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This is where the Houston Rockets come in. No, not Christian Wood, and certainly not John Wall. Eric Gordon. The veteran guard has had a quietly amazing season in Houston after missing most of last year. His elite shooting splits make him a prime target for Los Angeles.

The only question is, what deal would the Los Angeles Lakers have to offer the Houston Rockets? Why exactly should the Lakers be interested in Gordon for that price? And what sort of deal should the Rockets accept from Los Angeles for Gordon?