This Rockets-Clippers Trade Features John Wall To L.A.

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The LA Clippers came into the NBA season knowing they may not be contenders this season as they await Kawhi Leonard’s return from a torn ACL. They still had a go-to player in Paul George to rely on, but they would not be nearly as dangerous.

George has had a great season, but the team could use some help behind him, especially with him dealing with a shoulder injury. The team was already looking for consistent scoring behind George, without him, it could become a real struggle for the Clippers to have an efficient offense.

Without many assets to make a deal, the LA Clippers will have to get creative when making a trade if that is the route they choose to take. Could the Houston Rockets be one of the teams that the Clippers call?

Houston has veteran point guard John Wall healthy but not playing. He and the organization agreed that he wouldn’t play while they looked for a new team for him to play with. Interest has been limited, but given what has transpired in LA, could they emerge as a landing spot?

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The backcourt was one area the team has looked to reshape last season and could still be in the market to do so. Wall played in 40 games last season after missing about two calendar years because of injury.

What could a deal look like should the LA Clippers go after Wall? Let’s take a look at this hypothetical deal that sends Wall out to Los Angeles.