Could Knicks Target Big Name During NBA Trade Deadline?

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It did not take long for the New York Knicks to come back down to Earth. After a season that saw them finish as the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, it looks as though the Knicks will be lucky to clinch a playoff berth this season. That means the front office could target some pieces at the NBA trade deadline.

New York was aggressive in the offseason but the moves have not worked to this point. Kemba Walker has been a strange situation at the top of the offense while Evan Fournier is inconsistent. Julius Randle is not looking like a star while RJ Barrett is continuing to go through some growing pains. All in all, the core of the Knicks is a big question mark.

This means the NBA trade deadline could be an option for New York. This is something that has not happened in the past but the Big Apple might be a desirable landing spot now.

The popular name has been Myles Turner. The Indiana Pacers are going to be big players in February and Turner could be the first one moved.

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If this happens, the Knicks could bring in a proven center to add depth to the frontcourt. Mitchell Robinson has remained healthy this season but could be used as a trade piece for a finished product. The New York Knicks need star power. That is what wins in the league.

This is where De’Aaron Fox could also come into play. He is a hot name to land in New York in recent weeks but it is still very much up in the air.

The Sacramento Kings are another team that is expected to clean house and Fox would bring back the biggest return. The Knicks have assets they would be able to part ways with in order to acquire Fox. He would solidify the top of the offense and be another piece for the future.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: This Knicks-Pistons Trade Features Jerami Grant To New York

If the front office is confident in their core, the Knicks could also benefit from some veteran pieces. Eric Gordon is a perimeter threat that would help right away. Buddy Hield and Jerami Grant would also fit into any scheme and give a spark on both ends of the floor.

The Knicks extended Randle in the offseason. He did not ask for huge money, which was the right call if the Knicks want to win. Also, Randle has shown that he is not a supermax player that can win a championship by himself. Randle is a nice piece if New York continues to put pieces around him.

When looking at some trade pieces, Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley are the easy choices because of their age and uncertainty.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: This Knicks-Pistons Trade Features Jerami Grant To New York

The Knicks also have short-term deals, like Alec Burks, that could be moved with some draft capital. For the first time in a long time, the Knicks have trade pieces and they must be used in the right way if this team wants to rebuild.

The New York Knicks have swung and missed at plenty of big-name free agents in the past and it is time to hit on someone. If free agents are not an option, the Knicks could choose to hit a home run in a trade. This is what is needed if the team wants to compete. If this is a so called win-now team, it is time to start acting like one.