This Kings-Pistons Trade Is Focused On Buddy Hield To Detroit

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The Sacramento Kings continue to be a team in need of a huge overhaul ahead of the NBA trade deadline. They have not made any moves to this point but there could be some of the rising. When Sacramento decides to start pulling the trigger, Buddy Hield can be the first player moved.

Hield has been a trade rumor for over a year now. This is because of his current contract situation and the benefit he could bring to other teams. The Kings are looking into the future and Hield might not be a long-term piece.

He has played out his time with the franchise and could help another team as a perimeter threat. The Kings need to look who is going to be around long term and this will help them build for the future.

The Detroit Pistons could be a dark-horse team when looking at destinations for Hield. Detroit has their core in place and is looking for other pieces to put around it.

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Cade Cunningham and he is the new focal point of the team. While the Pistons might not be contending this season, they have a clear path to improvement. Hield is looking for a new contract and the Pistons computer team trades.

This will be a trade the key to rebuilding teams to help each other in different ways. Let’s take a closer look and see if a trade might happen at some point moving forward.