This Bulls-Kings Trade Is Centered Around Marvin Bagley III

Derrick Jones Jr., Chicago Bulls, NBA
How This Trade Impacts Sacramento Kings

It is a bit surprising that Marvin Bagley III is even on the Sacramento Kings roster at this point. If they had no intentions of playing him regularly, they are doing nothing but diminishing his trade value which was already very low.

His name has been mentioned in plenty of trade rumors, but nothing has come to fruition. Numerous teams would take a chance on him, as his draft pedigree is enough reason for a team to give him a look.

The Chicago Bulls are looking like playoff contenders this season but they need some more depth in the frontcourt. Landing with the Bulls and playing well in prime-time games would help Bagley improve his value as he heads into restricted free agency next offseason.

Derrick Jones Jr. would give the Kings another player to use on the wing to help balance out their roster. He is also a solid defender, something Sacramento could certainly use more of.

The biggest takeaway from this deal for the Kings is the 2022 first-round pick. If they can get a first-rounder, even one that is lottery-protected, it would be a huge win for the franchise. Bagley’s value is about as low as it can get, so acquiring a first-round pick of any level would be a no-brainer deal for the Kings.

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