This Lakers-Pelicans Trade Is Headlined By Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook
NBA Analysis Network

The Los Angeles Lakers’ acquisition of former NBA MVP Russell Westbrook is one that was heavily analyzed at the time of the deal and continues to be now. Five games into the regular season and the jury is still out on the deal.

Los Angeles surrendered a lot of depth making the deal. Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Montrezl Harrell are three rotation players that were sent to Washington to land Westbrook.

Thus far, the results have been a mixed bag, at best. It is going to take some time for Westbrook to acclimate himself to playing alongside two other stars in LeBron James and Anthony Davis. For the Lakers to reach the heights they believe they are capable of, those three need to be on the same page.

More questions have surfaced about Westbrook’s fit with the Lakers than there have been answers so far this season. He’s been getting in LeBron James’ way more than he’s taken pressure off him and hasn’t led to a high-level of success in games James was sidelined for.

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It’s not easy to come up with ideas for potential logical landing spots for Westbrook when considering he’s signed to a supermax deal and doesn’t tend to make a consistent impact throughout the course of a whole season.

If things don’t improve, could the Lakers look to trade Russell Westbrook? Over at FanNation, some hypothetical deals were made. One of them involved the New Orleans Pelicans. Let’s take a look at the hypothetical deal that lands Westbrook in the Big Easy.