Power Ranking For All 30 NBA Teams Early In Season

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Numbers do not always tell the whole story and this has been the case so far during the 2021-22 NBA season. Just because your record says one thing does not mean that is the kind of team you are, as there have been some very surprising starts to the season. 

The Lakers, Knicks, Trail Blazers and 76ers have all struggled to begin the year, but at the same time, some of these teams are dealing with injuries. Then you have teams like the Warriors, Wizards and Bulls at the top of their conference standings, but are these three teams really title contenders?

So much has happened through the first few weeks of the new NBA season and while everyone is still technically “in the mix” to make the playoffs, now is the time that we will begin to see different teams separate themselves from the rest of the field. 

The transition during a normal NBA season from November to December is always a very important period of time for teams around the league not only in the sense of making the playoffs, but for potentially making a run to the NBA Finals as well! 

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To break down all the action from this season so far, we at NBA Analysis Network have ranked all 30 teams in the league 1-30 but these are not your normal “power rankings”. These rankings were determined by not only record, but the opponents each team has played, what their roster currently looks like and most importantly, their impact on the league if the playoffs were to begin today. 

These rankings are based on a team’s complete season to this point and what their outlook is moving forward as we near 2022. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at where each team ranks amongst the rest of the NBA. 

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