Best & Worst Trade Destinations For Ben Simmons At Start Of Season

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The Philadelphia 76ers and NBA All-Star Ben Simmons are on talking terms again, which is a step in the right direction. Things had gotten ugly toward the end of the summer heading into training camp, but at least there is a line of communication open now.

Simmons surprised the 76ers when he showed up to the Wells Fargo Center before their game against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday evening. He began the process of reporting to the team, which will take a few days based on NBA health and safety protocols.

He has had meetings with some higher-ups in the organization, including Daryl Morey and Elton Brand. They will likely try to convince him to come back to the team fully, which means suiting up and playing in games as well. But, no one knows what will be the next step in this process.

There is a chance that Simmons has only reported to the team so that he can recoup some of the money that he was losing out on. The team was withholding his salary and he was being fined for everything that he missed.

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While that will be one topic of discussion being had, the team is also still having trade talks. There are 10 teams still interested in acquiring him despite everything that has been going on. One of the teams remains a mystery, but that is a third of the league showing interest in Simmons.

Which teams would be the worst and best landing spots? Here are two of the best and two of the worst destinations for Simmons to land at the start of the season.