This Mavericks-Nets Trade Is Centered Around Kyrie Irving

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A lot has changed with the Brooklyn Nets recently. With NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving remaining unvaccinated, they had some tough decisions to make about what their team would look like for the duration of the time that things remain that way.

Being unvaccinated means that Irving is ineligible to play in any games at Barclays Center because of the mandate that New York has put in place.

Brooklyn did not want a part-time player, so they decided that Irving would remain away from the team until he is eligible to become a full-time participant.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it is the right one for the Nets. They have championship aspirations and need to remain focused on the court. Irving being around only part-time would have been a major distraction and messed with the team’s chemistry.

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With him not sidelined for the foreseeable future, the Brooklyn Nets can work on building chemistry and cohesion with the players they have full-time. But, there is still a big hole on the roster that the team could fill via trade.

Irving reportedly has virtually zero trade value, but some teams would likely take a risk on him. Could the Dallas Mavericks be one of those teams? Here is a hypothetical deal that could be done between the teams.

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