This Kings-Pacers Trade Is Focused On Myles Turner

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The ongoing Ben Simmons holdout still remains the top storyline around the NBA and many teams remain standing pat instead of making other deals in hopes of landing him. The Sacramento Kings are among them but could benefit from turning their attention elsewhere if they miss out.

Buddy Hield remains in an awkward position as the start of this season nears. He was as close to getting traded this offseason when a deal unravelled at the last-minute with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, he remains a member of the Kings after the team has used consecutive lottery picks on a guard.

At one time, Hield was moved to the bench but it was for us to re-enter the starting lineup once Bogdan Bogdanovic left Sacramento. It is unknown with the relationship is like between Hield and Sacramento but with his current situation, it would benefit both sides if a trade can be made.

There isn’t a great amount of trade value around Hield given the size of his contract. However, the Indiana Pacers are a team that could make sense as a potential suitor despite that fact.

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The Kings have plenty of options if they want to make a move and it could begin with Myles Turner. He is a proven center who is improving authentically each year. The Pacers have put Turner at the top of rumors because of his contract and their need for depth.

When looking at this deal, it is one that can change both teams for the better right away. Let’s take a look at what this potential deal might look like between the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers moving forward.