Pacers, 76ers Discuss Trade Involving Ben Simmons, Caris LeVert?

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Basketball headlines have continued to be dominated by NBA All-Star Ben Simmons holding out. He has made it very clear that he no longer wants to be a part of the Philadelphia 76ers and wants to be traded elsewhere.

Alas, he has no real bargaining power. The 76ers can continue to fine him and withhold paying him for as long as he remains away from the team. It does not sound like that is something that will sway Simmons in changing his mind, as it has been reported that he will sit out the entire season if he has to.

We have never seen a trade demand go to such lengths. Anthony Davis was in and out of the lineup after his trade request to the New Orleans Pelicans, but at least he showed up. James Harden showed up for the Houston Rockets as well.

As we get closer to the regular season, there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. There have been numerous teams linked to Simmons, but no deal has seemed to come close. But, we should keep an eye on the Indiana Pacers.

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The Pacers sound like they are trying their hand at acquiring Simmons once again.

Including Caris LeVert in trade talks for Simmons could be exactly what the 76ers are looking for to get the ball rolling. LeVert would fit the bill as a young, All-Star-caliber player, but he does come with durability concerns.

He is currently dealing with a stress fracture in his back, just the most recent in a long list of ailments that have sidelined him. He had three procedures in 22 months during his collegiate career on his left foot. During the 2018-19 season, he suffered a severe injury to his right foot. A thumb injury knocked him out nearly two months the following season as well. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: This 76ers-Spurs Trade Sends Ben Simmons To San Antonio

Last season, there was a mass found on his kidney during his physical following the blockbuster James Harden trade that landed LeVert in Indiana. It was confirmed as being renal cell carcinoma, as the trade may have saved his life as he felt 100 percent healthy.

Acquiring him in a trade would be risky given his lengthy injury history, but LeVert is excellent when he is on the court. Acquiring him and other pieces from the Indiana Pacers would assuredly keep the Philadelphia 76ers in contention as title contenders.