This Kings-Timberwolves Trade Includes Karl-Anthony Towns

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Would this trade make sense for the Sacramento Kings?

It is no secret that successful teams in the NBA are loaded with multiple stars. As of now, that is not the Sacramento Kings. They have a franchise point guard in place and could be looking for some more help. There are few better big men around the league than Karl-Anthony Towns, and he could be an immediate asset.

Towns would bring a new dynamic to the offense in Sacramento. He can score from anywhere on the floor and is an elite rebounder. Towns is a double-double machine, and he is the definition of a stretch big man because of his ability to shoot from three-point range.

He would run the floor well with Fox, who is a blur with the ball in his hands. This is a chance for the Kings to become a more of a star-studded lineup in a brutal Western Conference.

There are plenty of assets for the Kings to move, and that has been the case over the last year. They have remained relatively quiet, and that could change in the upcoming weeks.

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If Towns is the player coming to Sacramento, they would have a better chance to win more games. This is not to say they would be contenders, but Fox and Towns would be an entertaining combination to watch.