This Raptors-Sixers Trade is Centered Around Pascal Siakam

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How This Trade Impacts Philadelphia 76ers

Moving on from an All-Star talent is never easy. Lowering trade value makes the situation more challenging, whether after a trade request or just diminished performance. For the Philadelphia 76ers, they could be dealing with both with Ben Simmons.

Pascal Siakam may not rank atop the list of potential trade targets in a Simmons swap from the 76ers’ perspective, but regardless, he’d be a helpful talent to pair with Joel Embiid. Teams could become overwhelmed with their interior scoring impact as a tandem.

There would be questions regarding the cohesiveness of having Siakam alongside both Tobias Harris and Embiid. Doc Rivers plans on involving Harris more at the three spot this season, but what’s the long-term viability of that with this hypothetical roster configuration?

Harris likes to play with his back to the basket out of isolation and in the post, and there could be real overlap if he’s slotting in at the three spot with two other players who like to play similarly in that regard.

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Ideally, the 76ers will land a shot creation threat in the backcourt in a potential Simmons trade. A dynamic threat that can make defenses pay to run high ball screens with Embiid by taking pull-ups and attacking switches would go a long way.

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