This Raptors-Sixers Trade is Centered Around Pascal Siakam

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Toronto Raptors Receive: G/F Ben Simmons, 2023 First-Round Pick (Lottery-Protected)
Philadelphia 76ers Receive: F Pascal Siakam, TOR 2024 First-Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to PHI), TOR 2025 First-Round Pick (Top-8 Protected)

This is a trade that would drastically change the outlook of both teams involved. The Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors have engaged in some trade talks centered around Ben Simmons, and in this scenario, they work out a deal.

The 76ers receive Pascal Siakam and some draft compensation, while Simmons and some draft compensation head back to Toronto as well. The earliest pick traded is the 76ers 2023 first-rounder, which is lottery-protected. It is hard to imagine a scenario that the 76ers don’t convey that pick as a playoff team in 2023.

The picks heading to Philadelphia also have contingencies tied to them. It isn’t easy to gauge where each team will be for a 2024 NBA Draft three years from now, as the Raptors could be back among the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

Philadelphia will receive the more favorable of the two. Further down the road in 2025, the 76ers will receive a second selection as long as the Raptors don’t land in the top-8.

LATEST NBA NEWS: Latest Intel Surrounding Ben Simmons Amid NBA Trade Rumors

While Siakam would qualify as an All-Star level player, the Philadelphia 76ers are looking for in exchange for Simmons, accepting this deal would be tough to do. Yes, Siakam is an excellent player, but swapping Simmons out for him would leave a gaping hole in the backcourt.

Philadelphia doesn’t have a player ready to take over as the starting point guard. There is also the issue with Tobias Harris already occupying the power forward spot. We saw two years ago that he is not as effective playing small forward, which he would have to do with Siakam in the fold.

LATEST NBA NEWS: Latest Intel Surrounding Ben Simmons Amid NBA Trade Rumors

Siakam and two first-round picks are a good package to receive, but the Philadelphia76ers would have to have other plans in place. They couldn’t be considered legitimate contenders without a point guard to run the show.

Does Toronto have the hesitations that Philadelphia has to make this deal? Let’s take a look at things from their perspective.

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