Could Porzingis-For-Simmons Trade Make Sense For Mavs And Sixers?

Philadelphia 76ers
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How This NBA Trade Scenario Looks For Dallas Mavericks

This is a deal that the Dallas Mavericks would rush to call the league offices about before the Philadelphia 76ers changed their mind. To be able to turn Kristaps Porzingis, who was reportedly receiving minimal interest on the trade market, into a 25-year old with the potential as Ben Simmons is highway robbery.

There will undoubtedly be more included in the package, as draft picks would be going to Philadelphia at the very least. Philadelphia could also ask for Jalen Brunson to fill in their starting point guard role. But none of that should matter, as Dallas would love this deal.

Yes, Simmons has his shortcomings. His disappearing act offensively is a big reason Philadelphia has been unable to get over the hump in the postseason. In Dallas, those shortcomings will be covered up by Luka Doncic.

Doncic can be the lead initiator offensively and help get Simmons into position for easy baskets. Not having the ball in his hands all the time will mean less time meandering on the perimeter and more time around the rim, where he can make a positive impact offensively.

LATEST NBA NEWS: Latest Intel Surrounding Ben Simmons Amid NBA Trade Rumors

His strengths would greatly benefit the Mavericks. Dallas has struggled on defense in recent years, as their defensive rating has gotten worse in six consecutive seasons.

That streak would have a good chance of coming to an end with Ben Simmons on board. 

LATEST NBA NEWS: Latest Intel Surrounding Ben Simmons Amid NBA Trade Rumors

He, along with Reggie Bullock, would allow Doncic to not have to match up with the best perimeter player on the opposing team, helping him save some energy throughout the game.

While the Mavericks would be all on board for this deal, how would the 76ers feel about it? Let’s discuss it from their point of view.

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