3 Veteran Free Agents Still Trying To Make An NBA Comeback

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With the month of August almost over and very few teams looking to add more players to their roster as they get ready to begin training camp in September, those remaining in free agency may be running out of time to find a job in the NBA for next season.

There are some guys like James Ennis III, Paul Millsap, and J.J. Redick, who will end up on a roster at some point, potentially midseason, but what about those veteran guys who are looking to make their way back into the NBA. 

With there being 30 teams in the league and 15 main roster spots available, this means there are a total of 450 “total” roster spots in the NBA and I say “total” in quotes because there are G-League contracts and teams that have “rights to” players and whatnot.

The point is that there are such few available spots in the NBA, which makes things hard for guys looking to make their way back into the NBA after either sitting out a year or a vast majority of teams giving up on their talents due to injuries. 

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There are quite a few notable names who are looking to make an NBA comeback, so who are these guys and what could they bring to an NBA team?

Let’s take a look at three players in particular who many NBA fans know and loved in past years that are looking to make a grand comeback in the league. 

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