Best & Worst Landing Spots Around NBA For Rajon Rondo

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Veteran point guard Rajon Rondo has traveled a lot in the last year. He helped the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA Championship in the Orlando Bubble in 2020, but since then he has found himself on three different franchises.

In free agency last year, Rondo signed a two-year, $15 million deal with the Atlanta Hawks. He didn’t even make it through the first season of that deal, as he was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers at the NBA Trade Deadline.

He played a little better with the Clippers, as he was healthy compared to his time with the Hawks. But, by the time the Western Conference Finals rolled around, Playoff Rondo was nowhere to be seen as he was no longer a part of the rotation.

With that, he was traded again, this time to the Memphis Grizzlies. With 18 guaranteed contracts on their books, Memphis has to make some moves before the regular season begins, as only 15 players are allowed on a roster.

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There are a few candidates that could be on the move, and Rondo is one of them. Finding a trade partner for him with his $7.5 million salary could be tough, so a buyout could be the route that is taken.

Whatever the move is, it sounds like Rajon Rondo isn’t long for Memphis either. Where could he end up playing next? Here are some of the best and worst landing spots for him.

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