This Kings-Wizards Trade Is Centered Around Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes
NBA Analysis Network

If there is one team that needs to figure things out sooner than later, it is the Sacramento Kings. They are currently in the midst of the longest-postseason drought in the NBA at 15 years — and there is not a team close. The Kings do not seem to be close to ending that streak which is why they can look at some offseason moves that would help moving forward.

Sacramento has seen plenty of players involved in NBA trade rumors, such as Buddy Hield and Marvin Bagley III. It is not going to be an easy fix but they have some pieces that can gain some assets back. De’Aaron Fox is the franchise player in Sacramento and it is all about building around him for the future.

The Kings are not an exciting destination to this point but it only takes one player to change the fortune. There might not be a blockbuster deal on the horizon but that does not mean that they should just sit on their hands this offseason.

The Washington Wizards could match up well with the Kings in a trade. They are another team that has struggled to find consistency and success recently. Despite a playoff berth this season, the Wizards are still a rebuilding team that is not close to a championship.

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Bradley Beal is still in town even with Russell Westbrook being sent away. This will be the major storyline for the Wizards moving forward but it might be more likely for the team to find a smaller deal to make.

This is one that would help both teams and make an immediate impact. Here is what a potential deal between the Kings and Wizards might look like in the offseason.