4 NBA players still needing a change of scenery via trade

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With NBA free agency underway, players are signing with new teams, getting a fresh start somewhere else. At the same time, there are notable names that have elected to remain put on their current team.

We have also seen multiple trades occur, none bigger than the one that sent Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers, forming an All-Star trio alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

There are still plenty of moves to be made between now and the start of next season, including more trades.

Some teams are conversing with other teams in hopes to offload or acquire a player that they believe can be a missing piece for their franchise.

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With Westbrook already on the move, there are still a variety of situations to monitor for potential NBA star trades down the line. Perhaps

Lost in all of the chaos of free agency, here are five NBA players that are still in need of a change of scenery via trade.