NBA Free Agency Predictions: Oubre, Barton, Redick, Mills, Powell

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While the 2021 NBA free agency class isn’t thought of as a deep class, some players will cash in with lucrative long-term contracts. Several teams will be looking to spend to elevate themselves closer to being contenders.

Teams have already begun feverishly making moves during the 2021 NBA Draft to clear as much space as possible to either re-sign their own free agents or add some new faces to the mix.

Some players, such as Will Barton and Norman Powell, opted out of contracts in hopes of locking down long-term deals. Both should receive lucrative offers this offseason from multiple teams as versatile two-way players.

Veterans such as J.J. Redick and Patty Mills bring a lot to the table still despite being 37 and turning 33 respectively. Teams looking for experienced players to teach young guys the ropes or older teams looking to a specific skill set to help them contend will be calling those two.

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There are also plenty of younger veterans available this offseason such as Kelly Oubre Jr. The former Kansas product is looking to cash in after signing a two-year, $30 million deal in 2019 with the Phoenix Suns.

Where might all of these players end up this offseason? Let’s make some predictions about where Oubre, Barton, Redick, Mills and Powell will be playing when the 2021-22 season kicks off this fall.