NBA Free Agency Predictions: Dinwiddie, Leonard, Hardaway, Schroder, Fournier

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The NBA Offseason got off to a bang with the 2021 NBA Draft last week. Now, it is time for free agency to take front and center.

While this year’s free agency class doesn’t look to have any max players outside of Kawhi Leonard, there can still be plenty of fireworks. With not many teams projected to have cap space, there will be plenty of player movement by teams attempting to open up some salary space to make moves.

Sign-and-trades will be plentiful as teams look to navigate not having the cap space to outright sign players in free agency. There are a lot of players that would fall under that umbrella, as teams will be looking to squeeze every asset they can out of players that might depart.

Spencer Dinwiddie and Dennis Schroder are two players their respective teams would love to execute a sign-and-trade with. Evan Fournier could also fall into that boat depending on which teams come calling about him.

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The same could be said about Tim Hardaway Jr. The Dallas Mavericks shooting guard has been receiving some interest from teams that would need to unload some cap space to fit his salary onto their books.

Where could all of these players end up this summer? Let’s try out hand at some predictions for Dinwiddie, Leonard, Hardaway Jr., Schroder and Fournier and where they will sign this offseason.