NBA Free Agency Predictions: Robinson, Markkanen, Ball, Trent Jr.

Miami Heat, Duncan Robinson
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Duncan Robinson

The Miami Heat are looking to make a big splash this offseason. They didn’t have a pick in the 2021 NBA Draft so they will be doing their damage in free agency. Retaining Duncan Robinson should be near the top of their to-do list.

Robinson is an elite 3-point shooter that is the only real source of spacing right now for the Heat. His presence is a necessity with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, the first two options, not being threats from the 3-point line.

Teams always need more 3-point shooters and having the chance to snag one that connects at a 42.3 percent clip will draw interest.

The New York Knicks will be a threat with all the cap space they have, as will the Dallas Mavericks. Robinson’s floor spacing would be great for both offenses to open things up. But, ultimately, the Heat will retain him in free agency.

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Miami will likely lose Kendrick Nunn, their other restricted free agent. But, they will match virtually any offer that Duncan Robinson should sign. They cannot afford to lose him as he is an integral part of their offense. Losing him would further set back a team that finished 18th in the NBA last season in offensive rating.

Prediction: Miami Heat