3 highly ranked draft prospects with legitimate bust potential

2021 NBA Draft
NBA Analysis Network

In each draft class, there are some highly-rated prospects that do not succeed at the next level. The 2021 NBA Draft class, while it is deep, is no different. Heading into draft night, there are some prospects that could turn into busts once they begin their work at the next level.

Cade Cunningham is expected to be the first player taken in the draft and could turn into an all-star or even better in the NBA. This is the ceiling for Cunningham and other names such as Jalen Suggs, Evan Mobley, and Jalen Green.

They have been the clear top-four picks in many mock drafts and it is likely that it plays out this way in some capacity. After that, it can go many ways and teams are hoping that they land a player that will translate well.

There are some historical busts in the draft, such as Kwame Brown and Darko Milicic. Whether it is college, international, or now the G-League, it can be difficult to judge a certain prospect at the level they are prior.

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This is especially true in the college game because draft stocks can be taken up a notch during tournament time. At this point, teams have their plans in place and have a list of players they have their eye on moving forward.

It will be interesting to see how teams value each player in the 2021 NBA Draft. These three players could have legitimate bust potential once they walk across the stage and into the NBA.