Predictions for Latest Lakers Rumors: Hield, Westbrook, Paul, Lowry

Los Angeles Lakerss
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The Los Angeles Lakers being mentioned in rumors during the NBA offseason is an annual tradition.

Rumors surrounding the Lakers have ramped up in recent days ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft, making it a possibility that a move could be made in the coming days.

In just the past week or so, Los Angeles has been highlighted as a team that could trade for Buddy Hield, trade for Russell Westbrook, pursue Chris Paul in free agency, or sign Kyle Lowry on the open market.

Given the team’s lack of assets and cap space, it would take some major maneuvering for the Lakers to land more than one of the players listed.

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Finding a third option behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis is a priority this offseason and all four of the players that Los Angeles is reported to have interest in fit the description of what the team needs.

Before the Lakers inevitably make a move to improve the roster around LeBron James and Anthony Davis, I predict if they will land any of the rumored players and whether it would make sense to do so.