Should the Knicks re-consider pursuing a trade for Russell Westbrook?

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The Washington Wizards sound like they are close to heading into another rebuild. There have been a lot of rumors swirling that All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal would request a trade before the 2021 NBA Draft so that the team can maximize their chance to get a deal done.

However, Beal isn’t the only player that has been mentioned in trade rumors for the Wizards. Point guard Russell Westbrook has also had his name pop up in the rumor mill. Should Beal be traded, Westbrook won’t be far behind.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Westbrook, as they reportedly gained traction on a deal for the former MVP once rumors began heating up that Beal could be leaving as well.

The Wizards would have little use for a veteran such as Russell Westbrook were they to enter a rebuild. They would likely look for a contending team to flip him to so that they can get back some assets in return.

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If he is going to be moved for the second offseason in a row, the New York Knicks should re-consider pursuing the former UCLA Bruin. They were one of the teams linked to Westbrook last offseason when the Houston Rockets put him on the trade block, so doing some due diligence again this offseason would be smart.

New York has a ton of cap space this offseason, so Westbrook’s contract will not be as much of a deterrent for them as other teams.

While Leon Rose and company have big plans for the offseason, checking in and re-considering a move for Russell Westbrook would make some sense.