This Raptors-Thunder trade is centered on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

2021 NBA Draft, NBA Mock Draft, Jalen Suggs
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Does this trade make sense for the Oklahoma City Thunder?

The Oklahoma City Thunder are still years away from competing. Sam Presti has gathered a total of 19 draft picks over the next seven years so they are in a good position moving forward but not ready to win just yet.

This all comes down to if they will want to pay Gilgeous-Alexander or believe he is better used as a trade piece for a large return. Right now, Oklahoma City should not be focused on giving out lucrative contracts. They need to get everything in line and find the key players that they want to build around.

With three picks in this first round of the 2021 NBA Draft, including the sixth-overall pick, they can add some of the top prospects in a deep draft.

Oklahoma City is already in line to land either Jonathan Kuminga or Scottie Barnes to become the next franchise player. Adding the fourth-overall pick just gives them another top player in the class. This would likely end up being Jalen Suggs.

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It has been clear for a while now that the Thunder are not shy about sending away top players for draft picks. This happened already with players like Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Gilgeous-Alexander is not at that level but he is a young player that would warrant some draft capital.