This Mavericks-Suns trade is centered on Jalen Brunson to Phoenix

Dallas Mavericks, Jalen Brunson, NBA Playoffs
Does this trade make sense for the Phoenix Suns?

Paul has bounced around over the years. He was sent to the Suns by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the offseason. He has one year left on his contract where he is owed upwards of $44 million.

There has been a report out that teams like the Los Angeles Lakers could be interested in a veteran like Paul so his future in Phoenix could be up in the air.

This is where the Suns could potentially look to plan for his departure. Devin Booker is the franchise player in Phoenix so it is all about finding the right point guard to put next to him. Booker brings plenty of scoring and does many things well on the offensive end.

This is where Brunson could be a potential replacement. He knows what it is like to play with a superstar and does not need the ball in his hands to succeed. He is an effort player that can control the game in the half court and set things up well.

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Brunson is not the all-star caliber player that Paul is but he could be a fit in Monty Williams’ scheme. They would still have that on the bench to help Brunson and the Suns would still be able to compete with the move like this.