This Bulls-Thunder trade is centered on Kemba Walker to Chicago

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Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bulls Receive: G Kemba Walker
Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: G Coby White, G Tomas Satoransky, F Al-Faroq Aminu

Kemba Walker was the main piece in an earlier trade with the Boston Celtics but the Oklahoma City Thunder were able to get rid of Al Horford’s contract. He was sent to Boston, along with Moses Brown and a second-round pick in 2023.

The Thunder acquired a first-round pick this year for taking on the contract of Walker. Now, it is important for them to flip Walker for some other assets. With Shai Gilgeous-Alexander being a long-term answer at point guard, there isn’t much need to keep Walker.

There has already been rumblings in trade rumors around the NBA that Oklahoma City will look to re-route Walker soon. The return will not be robust but being able to take a chance on a player like Coby White would be an intriguing option.

Coby White would fit the bill here. Oklahoma City has shown a desire to get younger and that is what they would do at the top of the offense. Tomas Satoransky and Al-Faroq Aminu would also be going to the Thunder as rotation pieces.

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The Bulls are a win-now team and could benefit from taking a chance on a Kemba Walker trade. Meanwhile, the Thunder are very well in the midst of a long-term rebuild. This is an NBA trade scenario that would further each team’s respective efforts.

Let’s take a closer look and see how this NBA trade scenario centered around Kemba Walker would feature both the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder.