This Pacers-Warriors trade is focused on No. 7 pick in 2021 NBA Draft

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There have been some NBA trade rumors starting to heat up and the Golden State Warriors could be involved in many. They are a team looking to return to championship level and could be interested in doing that right away next season. This is extremely possible if the front office decides to make some moves.

The return of Klay Thompson is something that will give the Warriors a boost right away. He missed the previous two seasons with injuries and that left Steph Curry by himself in the backcourt. Curry led the league in scoring and show that he can still get it done when needed.

Curry also dealt with an injury that kept him out for the duration of last season. Outside of the best shooter of all-time, Golden State was unimpressive in the rotation.

It would be smart for the Warriors to target a team looking to sell some of their big names. The Indiana Pacers come to mind when thinking of this. We have seen big names,such as Malcolm Brogdon and Domantas Sabonis, featured in NBA trade rumors.

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This began after the Pacers sent Victor Oladipo to the Houston Rockets. Now, they could be looking to finish their retooling of the roster and move some other players.

This will be a bit of a random trade but it would certainly benefit both sides. Here is what it might look like if the Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers get together for a deal in the offseason.