This Lakers-Wizards trade is centered on Russell Westbrook to L.A.

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It is going to be an interesting NBA offseason for the Washington Wizards in the coming weeks. Does Bradley Beal request a trade after a coaching change? Or does he stick it out at least more year in hopes that the Wizards do enough to compete for a title?

Beal’s impending decision will loom large on the future of Russell Westbrook in Washington. This will be a key storyline to track in trade rumors as the offseason given the implications it could have on not only the Wizards, but the NBA as a whole.

If Westbrook is made available or if he wants out — which is likely if Beal requests a trade — then the Los Angeles Lakers would become a potential landing spot because putting it simply, they’re the Lakers.

There have already been trade rumors floating around that Los Angeles could make a push for Westbrook in order to make a run at the 2022 NBA Finals.

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The Lakers are seeking a point guard that can join forces with LeBron James and Anthony Davis this offseason, especially with Dennis Schroder expected to head elsewhere in free agency.

While it’s still early to predict a trade involving Westbrook, here’s the best offer that the Los Angeles Lakers could make to the Washington Wizards to acquire Russell Westbrook in a move that would set social media on fire.