Best and worst trade destinations for CJ McCollum this offseason

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The Portland Trail Blazers are shaping up to have an NBA offseason that could alter the entire trajectory of the franchise.

Following their fifth first-round exit in the playoffs in the past seven seasons, Portland fired Terry Stotts, replacing him with Chauncey Billups.

It is unknown what Damian Lillard feels about the future of the organization. Regardless of Lillard’s status with the organization, CJ McCollum is expected to be a trade candidate this summer.

McCollum has been a formidable No. 2 option for the Trail Blazers alongside Lillard over the past six seasons.

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The veteran guard is a talented three-level scorer that would be welcomed with open arms by a slew of teams. There are a couple of contenders that could pursue McCollum in the coming months in hopes he is the missing piece they need.

Ahead of the exciting part of the offseason, let’s highlight some of the best and worst trade destinations for CJ McCollum.