5 role players NBA contenders should target via trade

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Contending teams in the NBA are always looking for ways to improve their roster each and every season. Staying content with what you have can get you in trouble as other teams conduct moves that puts them in a better position to succeed.

For the most part, contending teams use the lower-tier teams as prime trading partners due to them having role players that could be of much better use for a team competing for a title.

Role players are glue guys that may not be a starter in the NBA, but they contribute in areas where they are needed in.

For instance, Cameron Johnson has made a name for himself for the Phoenix Suns this year, especially in the playoffs due to his contributions off the bench.

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There will be no shortage of intriguing individual talents who could be attainable for contenders to pursue this offseason, whether it’s using a trade or NBA free agency. Specifically, there will be some fascinating trade options that we are focusing on.

Given what certain teams are looking for and the situations of other teams, here are five role players that contending teams in the NBA should pursue via trade this offseason.