This Lakers-Nets trade is focused on Montrezl Harrell to Brooklyn

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Both the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers did not reach expectations this season and for similar reasons. Injuries derailed both teams and sent them home early. This offseason, Brooklyn and Los Angeles will be teams looking for some more help to improve what already are elite rosters.

For the Lakers, it was a first-round exit. This marked the first time LeBron James did not advance in the postseason. The Lakers fell to seventh in the Western Conference after James and Anthony Davis struggled with injuries throughout the season.

This set them up for a matchup with the Phoenix Suns, where they were favored as the lower seed. The injury woes continued and Los Angeles was sent home early while the Suns have made a run to the NBA Finals. The Lakers have been aggressive in recent years and that could continue this offseason.

The Nets suffered similar injury woes to the Lakers. Entering the postseason, James Harden was banged up. The Nets were able to advance in five games against the Boston Celtics. In round two, Kyrie Irving went down with an ankle injury and was forced to miss the remainder of the series against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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During this time, Kevin Durant reminded the world that he is still the best scorer in the league after coming back from a torn Achilles last year. The Nets have some decisions to make in the offseason and some conversations to have with their stars about contract extensions.

The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers will enter next season as two favorites to win the NBA title once again. Here is an NBA trade scenario that they could agree upon during the offseason.