Here’s the Pacers’ trade offer for Ben Simmons the 76ers rejected

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After a tumultuous performance in the playoffs, Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers has found himself being featured in many NBA trade rumors. It appears as though it will only be the beginning of his

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Dumas, the 76ers have ‘fielded offers’ from other teams about a potential Ben Simmons trade. Among them was an offer from the Indiana Pacers that included Malcolm Brogdon and a first-round pick to which Philadelphia declined.

“The Sixers have already fielded offers for Ben Simmons but continue to hold a stance that they will only trade him for an all-star caliber player. They most recently turned down a deal with the Pacers that included Malcolm Brogdon and a 1st round pick.”

There has been speculation at times about a potential trade with the Portland Trail Blazers that would swap CJ McCollum and Ben Simmons. There hasn’t been traction for that idea in regards to actual reporting on the scenario being discussed or talked about between the two teams.

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The Pacers’ motivation to trade for Simmons is rather perplexing when considering this is a team that already struggles with floor spacing. The team needs a top option on the perimeter to turn to in order to make dynamic plays with the basketball. Malcolm Brogdon is very limited as an off-the-dribble shooter and lane penetrator so he is unable…but Simmons’ regression has neutralized him as an option, too.

A potential trade scenario featuring Simmons to the Pacers makes a lot more sense if the team were to move on from one of their big men and involve him as a four. His defensive versatility would be genuinely incredible alongside Myles Turner and the stretch-five’s ability to step out and shoot would afford the former No. 1 overall pick with room to operate.

If Turner were to be the big man traded, Simmons’ defensive versatility would be vital alongside Domantas Sabonis, who is certainly among the NBA’s least impactful rim protectors. There would be some concern as to how Sabonis and Simmons would mesh within the half-court offensively at times. The two could be reduced to a clunkier version of Nikola Jokic and Aaron Gordon without Jamal Murray on the floor.

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Either way, moving Malcolm Brogdon makes sense from the Indiana Pacers’ standpoint. Rick Carlisle has not gotten along with many starting point guards throughout his tenure with the Dallas Mavericks. Meanwhile, Brogdon has been a leading force in getting two head coaches fired in Indiana.

The Philadelphia 76ers should absolutely entertain the idea of trading Ben Simmons, but doing so for a return that doesn’t end up resolving a core issue does not make sense.