4 offseason moves Nets must consider to win 2022 NBA Finals

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The Brooklyn Nets did not reach their ultimate goal this season. They were favorites to win an NBA championship heading into the postseason but were eliminated in the Eastern Conference Semifinals by the Milwaukee Bucks. There were plenty of aspects that held them back and there will be some things to fix heading into next season.

The Nets struggled with injuries during the postseason. Both Kyrie Irving and James Harden missed time in the postseason and this held them back against the Bucks.

Kevin Durant did all he could but was left alone in the biggest moments of the game. Brooklyn became a team loaded with big names in the middle of the season. Harden came over in a trade and Blake Griffin signed after being bought out by the Detroit Pistons.

Next season, the Nets could look a lot different. They will enter the year once again as one of the favorites to win the NBA Finals. Brooklyn has the starpower and it is important to put the right players around them.

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First-year head coach Steve Nash looked like he was in over his head once the postseason came around and this is something that should improve over time as well.

When the Nets take the floor next season, there will be plenty of eyes on them as usual. Here are four moves that could propel the Nets even closer to an NBA title.