The best trade Lakers could offer for Pacers’ Malcolm Brogdon

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Does this trade make sense for the Indiana Pacers?

Trading Malcom Brogdon is definitely within the realm of possibilities for the Pacers this offseason, but do they truly get value from this trade with the Lakers? The answer to me is simply no because what does Kuzma bring to the table for them? 

Sure, he can replicate Doug McDermott’s role as being a three-point shooting threat and he is a little more athletic than him, but it is hard to imagine Kuzma carving out a vital role, like Brogdon has, with the Pacers. 

Getting a first-round pick is definitely valuable for the Pacers, but again, that first-round pick is not going to make a difference in them being a true contender next season, which brings us to Montrezl Harrell.

Adding Harrell in this trade truly brings the most value to the Pacers because they would have two key centers that the Charlotte Hornets have had their eyes on for a while now. So why is this significant if the Hornets want these guys? Well, the Hornets have Gordon Hayward, who the Indiana Pacers really want on their roster.

By adding Montrezl Harrell, the Pacers would be able to offer the Hornets either Myles Turner or Harrell in a trade package for Gordon Hayward, ultimately flipping Malcolm Brogdon for Kuzma and Hayward. 

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Now that is not that bad of a deal for the Pacers and is definitely something that would make sense for them, but they would need to have this sorted out with the Hornets ahead of time and potentially make this a three-team deal. 

They are not going to just trade away Malcolm Brogdon unless they have another deal set in stone, which is why initially, this part of the trade with Los Angeles does not make much sense.

Getting Gordon Hayward is not going to be simple for the Pacers and they will have to part ways with a guy as valuable as Brogdon in order to get him, which is why this may not be a realistic option for the Indiana Pacers to make in the offseason.

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