This 76ers-Warriors trade is centered on Ben Simmons to Golden State

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Does this trade make sense for the Golden State Warriors?

Before Warriors fans let me know how awful this trade is, just know that I ABSOLUTELY wouldn’t acquire Simmons if I were Golden State. The Warriors need more scoring on the roster around Curry, Thompson, and Green, and Simmons doesn’t provide them with that.

While Simmons would be able to facilitate to the shooters on the Warriors, and play formidable defense, his offensive shortcomings aren’t worth the trouble for a team looking to contend in the Western Conference.

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Even though Wiggins doesn’t seem like a long-term fit for the Warriors, trading him for Simmons wouldn’t make much sense. At the very least, Wiggins proved he can improve as an outside shooter this season, giving Golden State more spacing on the floor. At the same time, getting an experienced point guard like Hill to lead their bench unit would be a valuable addition for the Warriors.

It’s easy to say that Curry and Thompson would be able to overcome the incapabilities of Simmons on the offensive end. But Simmons being on the floor at the same time as Green doesn’t seem like a recipe for success, as it would put two non-shooters in the starting lineup.

So after considering everything, this trade would be an unwise move for the Warriors as they hope to end their two-year drought of missing the playoffs.