5 teams who should pursue a trade for Pelicans’ Brandon Ingram

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors, NBA MVP
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Golden State Warriors

It was fun for a lot of fans to see the Golden State Warriors stumble for the second straight season in 2020-2021. Having to watch the Warriors advance to five consecutive NBA Finals caused some fans to see them as sort of villains in the league. But as long as Klay Thompson returns healthy next season, and Golden State conducts a couple of moves, the Warriors’ stint as a non-playoff squad could be short-lived.

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Instead of waiting for Andrew Wiggins to piece everything together in his game, why not elect to get a superior — yet younger — player in Ingram? In the past two seasons, Ingram has averaged 23.8 points per game in each of them, and he’s improved as an outside shooter. The Duke product has converted 38.6 percent of his three-point attempts in the past two seasons, which bodes well for his fit in the Warriors’ offense.

There was a ton of isolation plays called for Ingram in New Orleans, and it resulted in him having to score tough baskets. If he were to become a member of the Warriors, he’d be able to see more wide-open shots.

Just this past season, Ingram made 42.9 of his wide-open three-point shots, and he would undoubtedly garner more with the Warriors. Could you imagine a starting lineup with Stephen Curry, Thompson, Ingram, and Draymond Green?