5 teams who should pursue a trade for Pelicans’ Brandon Ingram

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There was once a time when the New Orleans Pelicans possessed one of the best young nucleuses in the NBA. Technically they still do — especially if they retain Lonzo Ball this offseason — but it appears there is a chance that their roster is altered in the near future, which could lead to Brandon Ingram being traded.

Stan Van Gundy was fired by the Pelicans just one year after becoming the head coach of the franchise. Besides the quick firing of Van Gundy, there are reports that Ingram is iffy on how he fits alongside Zion Williamson. That could be a problem for the Pelicans this summer as they will be entering a new regime.

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If the reports are true, then there is nothing stopping Ingram from forcing his way out of New Orleans in the coming months. There would be a massive market for a player like Ingram, and there are likely already teams calling about his availability.

Who wouldn’t want a 23-year-old forward that is already entering his sixth season in the NBA and continues to improve his game? His ability to get downhill to get a bucket coupled with his improved perimeter shooting make him a highly intriguing wing player in today’s NBA.

Seeing that Ingram could be on the move, here are five teams that should make a concerted effort to acquire Ingram via trade in the offseason.